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Source: Reddit

API Version Change: Version is now 100003. Update your addons with the "## APIVersion: " tag in the appropriate .txt file.

Main changes:

Global Variable Changes:

Game API Changes:

GetSynergyInfo: returns information about the currently available synergy. Arguments: None Returns: synergyName, iconFilename

Arguments: None Returns: bag, slot, quantity

As such, the final return value "isLongTermBuff" has been removed since the API only returns long-term buffs.

Game Event Changes:

EVENT_MOUSE_REQUEST_DESTROY_ITEM_FAILED (bagId, slotIndex, itemCount, name, reason)

EVENT_SKILL_POINTS_CHANGED (pointsBefore, pointsNow, partialPointsBefore, partialPointsNow)

UI Object API Changes:

Returns: description, type, distance, drawLayer, (new field) drawLevel, suppressed

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